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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 4/2

Today on Guiding Light, humiliated Alan is forced to leave the hotel. Mallet gets a note to come to the Spaulding mansion.

Mallet is a little uncomfortable by the revelation that Dinah bought the mansion. When she asks him to stay he declines the offer. Coop is racking his brain, trying to figure out what to write about Gus. Blake calls Coop, suggesting that he move somewhere else so he can concentrate better.

As Coop moves out, Alan moves in to Company. Buzz is overjoyed to learn that Gus’s heart saved Olivia. Alan shows up, saying Olivia will take everything.  Coop gets excited looking over a flashy literary contract. Vanessa gets an eerie call from a stalker, but we soon realize its Cyrus Vanessa is so rattled by the call she hires Harley to look into it.

Cyrus makes Vanessa’s room look vandalized and then is tempted into stealing her coffee maker when she walks in and catches him, red-handed. Natalia isn’t sure why she’s still waiting at the hospital and decides to finally leave. Harley tries to comfort Natalia, telling her that Gus died the way he lived—taking care of others.

An emotional Harley boxes up Gus’s things. Alan tries to offer consoling words to Natalia but she tells him to stay away from Rafe. Natalia goes to the hospital to visit Olivia but isn’t ready to see everyone there. The Cooper family is painting Harley’s house when Rafe and Natalia show up. Harley reaches out to them, and they join in, all of Gus’s family finishing the home he built.

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Guiding Light
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