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Guiding Light
Episode Recap, 4.11.08

Today on Guiding Light, Reva complains to Jeffrey that she thinks that she's being followed. He downplays her concern but complains again about using his important tapes to record cooking shows.

Frustrated with her mother for having a "death wish," Ava gives Olivia a hard time during a visit and walks out. Back at the hospital Jeffrey covers when Olivia thanks him for th flowers he sent.

He realizes Ava sent them for him and offers to walk her down the hallway.

As they stroll, Jeffrey asks when she'll be released and if she'll need a nurse. Olivia reveals that Ava offered to help but she's pregnant. Jeffrey advises Olivia that Ava is not pregnant and never was.

He adds she told her that to give Olivia another reason to live.

When Bill helps her with some packages in the parking lot, Ava complains about being alone and being pregnant. Lizzie spots Ava hug Bill and runs off upset.

Realizing Lizzie drove off, Bill advises Ava that his relationship with her only involves the baby.

Warning him to "never say never, " she returns to see her mother and Olivia thanks her for lying about being pregnant. Reva and Lillian attend a breast cancer support group during which Reva thanks everyone for the support they have offered and reveals that she's leaving town for awhile.

After a chat with Lizzie, Ashlee joins Coop for their night in bed together. Ava calls Bill for help but he decides to surprise Lizzie in the shower. Later, Lizzie gives some of Sarah's clothes to Bill for the baby Ava's having.

Reva admits to Jeffrey that she lied about being followed but explains that she is going to leave town for a couple of weeks and asks him not to marry anyone else while she's gone.

What happens next? Find out next week on Guiding Light!

Guiding Light
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