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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 4.29.08

Today on Guiding Light ...

Billy finds Jeffrey making breakfast for Olivia and compliments the chef. He then wonders aloud how Reva is doing. Olivia's disappointed when Jeffrey leaves Billy there to take care of her.

Dumping the breakfast in the garbage, Olivia tells Billy he's become a nuisance and hints that he should leave. Instead, he decides he's staying there to help and suggests a game of cards.

Putting a Cubs hat on her head, Frank boasts to Natalia that he's taking her and Rafe to tonight's game against the Brewers. When she hesitates, Frank shows her the newspaper headline about today's hearing for the teen who hit and killed Gus after Gus ran a stop sign.

Natalia catches Jeffrey outside the courthouse and, after he confirms the teen who hit Gus will be in court, asks if she can speak on Gus' behalf. Jeffrey explains it's just a hearing but she convinces him that as his wife, she should be there.

Billy later confronts Jeffrey and guesses that Reva doesn't know about their new roommate. Jeffrey explains he didn't want to ruin her vacation so Billy suggests she not be there when Reva returns.

Olivia finds Natalia outside the courtroom and argues with her about why she wants to be in court. Natalia asks her not to make a scene since it would be painful for Gus' family but when she admits she's not sure what Gus would want her to do, Olivia boasts that she does.

Inside, teenager Randy Linders explains how Gus ran the stop sign and he as unable to stop. Jeffrey confirms that the D.A. will not press charges because this was an accident. Natalia asks to speak and as she tells the teen that she forgives him, Olivia stomps out.

Later, Rafe tries to attack Randy but is pulled away. Dinah ends up with Matt at the park and spends time with him in hopes of making Mallet jealous.

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