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Guiding Light
Episode Recap, 4.9.08

Today on Guiding Light, Reva tricks Dinah into admitting she's behind the threats from Phillip and asks for a cut of the profits from her little scheme in exchange for her silence.

Convinced she needs someone equal to Alan, Dinah agrees. Alan's embarrassed when Ava runs into Alan in his robe upstairs at the boarding house before he takes a shower.

She offers her sympathies about Gus and then announces that she is tendering her resignation.

Downstairs after he's been burned in the shower, Alan finds Doris waiting. She refuses to do anything to help him with his legal troubles and isn't concerned when he boasts that he will be back on top one day.

Ashlee tells Coop about her plans to go under the knife to relieve her weight problem. He tells her he doesn't think this is a good idea but she counters that she's not doing this for him.

Lizzie butts in and urges Coop to listen to what Ashlee is saying. Ashlee decides to have the operation after her mother offers her own insulting reasons why she shouldn't.

Matt surprised to see Dinah is the owner of the Spaulding mansion and agrees to do the rehab work for her. Bill again presses Ava for proof that she's pregnant. He gives her a home pregnancy test and she happens to find a pregnant woman in the bathroom at the Towers.

Offering him the positive test stick as proof, Ava asks him when he is going to tell Lizzie.

Later, Bill tells Billy about Ava. Lizzie brings Alan a monogrammed briefcase as a gift and assures him that no matter what he seems to do, she still loves him.

Alan addresses some of the board members about his expectations for the future but gets no response as an amused Reva watches.

Ava lies to Vanessa that she is pregnant with Bill's baby and suggests that it might be good to explain to him what it means to be a father. Bill and Lizzie kiss until he pulls back and then confesses that Ava is pregnant.

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