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Admitting he wanted to win Grady's case for Tammy and for Cassie, Jeffrey complains to Olivia about losing. Josh surprises Reva with apricot pastries and fresh orange juice.

When he boast that he's getting to her, Reva circles a date on the calendar and announces that she has just set a wedding date because of him.

Josh ignores her and hints that he has a lot of work to do before then. Later, when Reva complains about Josh, Jeffrey asks if they are hurrying the wedding because of her ex.

After she denies it, Jeffrey admits that he's feeling inadequate in trying to put a case together for Alan's trial and blames her, admitting he would bend the rules in the past before he met her.

Assuring her that her son received her message, Alan advises Natalia that he hopes one day soon that Rafe will work for him again at Spaulding. Olivia warns Natalia that Alan is filling her head with lies.

Jeffrey assures Natalia that if Rafe turned himself in, he would seek leniency for the teen. An upset Lizzie warns her grandfather that Jonathan took Sarah from her because of Alan.

She then runs to Reva and implores her to contact Jonathan and convince him to come home, suggesting that she lie that she's sick again to get him to act.

Reva explains that Jonathan will never come back as long as Alan is still "a factor." Reva then complains that she has none of her children coming in for her wedding.

Lizzie seeks Alan's help in bringing Jonathan and Sarah back to Springfield as he tried to do with the address numbers in L.A. but as she begs him, Alan admits that he made up the numbers.

Lizzie is outraged. Billy lectures Reva that Jeffrey will never be the man to her that Josh is.

After Jeffrey decides he can't win his case against Alan, Lizzie interrupts and offers to testify against her grandfather so that Sarah will come home to her.

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