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Guiding Light
May 21 Episode Recap

Today on Guiding Light ...

A startled Alan wakes from a dream about Gus and tells Rafe that in the dream, Gus was wearing his Cubs jacket and mumbling the number 512.

Rafe points out that's the number of home runs hit by Mr. Cub, Ernie Banks, his and Gus' favorite baseball player. He stops by Daisy's place and searches through Gus' things until he finds the jacket.

Inside the pocket, he finds 512 $20 bills hidden and shows them to Olivia, calling them enough for a down payment on the house. Bill senses Ava's not feeling well but she covers. Lizzie eyes a concerned Bill as he puts his hand on Ava's.

Later, Bill is upset when he receives notice that Lizzie is suing him. Admitting she and Bill are longer together, Lizzie cries to Mallet about how tough it is to go on with life without Sarah.

Asking about his accident with the falling piece of roof, Olivia admits to Alan that she sometimes has the feeling that Gus is near. Alan tells her to "get a grip."

Pleased that she's fighting with him to get the family business back, Alan assures Lizzie that they can handle Bill and Dinah. When he confides that Gus saved his life yesterday, Lizzie thinks he's lost it, thanks to the roof hitting him.

Bill rushes to the hospital after Ava calls to report that she's bleeding. Ava's relieved when her bleeding stops and agrees to move in with Bill.

Lizzie confides to Bill that while she got to see Sarah, Jonathan took her and ran and will never trust her again. Lizzie claims that she needs the company to provide a life in hopes that she'll get Sarah back. Mallet catches Daisy with a joint and chastises her.

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