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Guiding Light
Episode Recap
August 22, 2008

As Guiding Light gets underway, Marina points pepper spray at him and threatens Grady. When Daisy arrives, Grady takes his leave.

Though Marina reminds her temporary roommate that she is still welcome, Marina also tells her that Grady is not. After she leaves, Grady returns and starts kissing Daisy.

When she lies to him about taking a call from Ashlee, Grady overhears her offering help to Rafe. After Mallet convinces Natalia that it would be a terrible mistake for Rafe to run off again, Mallet promises to handle the arrest and protect him.

Natalia finds her son and urges him not to run off, warning him that he's mistaken if he thinks that Daisy is interested in him now that she has Grady.

When Mallet arrives, Rafe accuses his mother of betraying him and runs off. He calls Daisy who sends him to Harley's house to meet her. There, Rafe complains about his mother and then tries to kiss her.

She pushes him away which makes him ask if Grady's a better kisser. As they argue, the sheriff arrives, thanks to a phony call from an amused Grady.

Rafe accuses Daisy of betraying him but she denies it. Rick's concerned when Olivia downplays her missed doctor appointments.

She claims she has Gus watching over her through Alan's visions. He points out to her how absurd it is that she would allow a man like Alan to control her destiny this way.

Worried about her health, Natalia urges Olivia to go see a doctor and suggests that the "miracle" she doesn't use might be used by Rafe.

Marina finds out that Mallet lied to her about trying to bring Rafe in and reminds him that she's the detective and she doesn't appreciate him lying to her.

What happens next? Find out next week on Guiding Light ...

Guiding Light
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