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Guiding Light
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August 28, 2008

On today's Guiding Light, Bill follows Lizzie to Alan's hotel room in New York where she waits for her grandfather to return. Spotting her crying as she waits, Bill approaches her and embraces her.

Lizzie expresses her worries about her grandfather and his life-threatening condition. He takes her out to look for Alan but when she realizes he's there to protect Maximus from Alan taking it over, she slips away from him.

Dinah's disappointed to learn Bill left town without telling her. Alexandra gives her a pep talk about taking control of her life.

Reva slips out of the cottage and heads to the oncology department where she complains to Lillian about how angry she is at finding a new mass.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey wakes up and rushes to see Buzz about hiring him to cater today's wedding. Buzz agrees and is astounded to hear that the wedding is today and that he and Reva have yet to pick out a place.

Driving around town, Jeffrey finds the perfect place though Buzz points out it's scheduled for demolition.

Jeffrey wants the place and when he and Buzz are mistaken for the "partners" getting married, the owner of the property who reveals that he is gay happily agrees to let them use the place.

Buzz sheepishly announces that he's made them the two happiest men in Springfield. Later, Buzz wonders how far Jeffrey would have gone to get the use of the property but Jeffrey proudly states he'll never know.

Hawk finds Reva back at the cottage and gives her his approval to marry Jeffrey as he is leaving town to "handle" some meetings in Hollywood.

He senses something is wrong but she claims she's fine and explains that her love for Jeffrey is different than what she had for Josh.

After a dance with her father, Reva follows some red arrows to the condemned house where she assures Jeffrey that she's always loved the place.

Until Guiding Light continues tomorrow ...

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