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Guiding Light
Episode Recap
August 7, 2008

Today on Guiding Light ...

Ashley voices another episode of her online blog and talks about loss in your life, admitting her concern that she's losing her friend Daisy.

Finding him at work again, Olivia convinces Jeffrey to postpone his wedding. Jeffrey warns Beth that Alan is not going to get away with what he did to Jonathan.

Olivia cheers Ashlee by revealing that Emma really loves reading Ashlee's blog.

After she complains to Buzz about him, Alan confides to her that Gus is telling him that it's no longer safe for Rafe in Europe and that he expects him to come home soon.

As she considers what to do about the trial, Frank urges Daisy to do the right thing. Grady lays into Daisy for talking with his brother but she insists they were trying to figure out how best to save him.

Frank finds them chatting and warns Daisy that he had her car towed and will continue to harass her as long as she's with Grady.

Grady and Daisy convince the police auto pound attendant to release her car.

Later, Grady advises Alan that he's taken back his confession and intends on beating the charges, adding that he intends to sell him out.

Unimpressed, Alan claims that their future is out of their hands but insists that Gus is going to keep him safe.

When Grady asks if he'll be safe too, Alan claims that Gus hasn't given him any indication. Olivia worries to Jeffrey that Ava is going to disappear and lose contact with her.

He assures her that she'll be able to handle the loss with their help. He then explains that he intends to bring some solace to Cassie by prosecuting those responsible for her death.

Looking for Alan, Jeffrey stops by to see Beth and warns that Alan has one last chance to change his mind and testify on their behalf.

Beth is outraged and blasts him for barging in and making threats.

When he claims he's just seeking justice for Ava, Beth points out his mistake and he quickly ends their discussion. Jeffrey then threatens Daisy.

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