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Guiding Light Prologue
Marina is devastated after hearing Cyrus and Harley on the phone, discussing their deception. When he returns to the room, Marina asks him to get out but then covers why she doesn't want to be around him. After he leaves, Marina smashes a photo of them and ends up seeking Dinah's support.

Guiding Light Episode Recap, Part I
Dinah invites her to "play dirty" with Harley and seeks her help with Mallet. Hearing many of the congregation have been calling to complain about what he did, Cassie tells Josh she has no intention of apologizing to Beth or anyone else. Alan confronts Cassie and vows that she will pay for what she did but Harley finds them facing off and orders Alan to get out. Harley admits she and Cyrus slept together but admits she doesn't know how to tell Marina. As they argue, Will secretly listens.

Guiding Light Episode Recap, Part II
Alex is disappointed as Alan fails to give her a rousing welcome. He updates her on all that has happened with Sarah and Jonathan's return and the birth of his baby. Rick pleads with Beth to keep Bernadette as the baby's name and argues that he's a better father than Alan. Beth counters that Rick acted exactly like Alan does. Josh interrupts and reminds she was with Rick because she loves him. Cyrus presses Rick to back off and threatens him if he doesn't. Cyrus returns to Marina and is taken aback when Marina tries to have sex with him.

The two agree to the decision that Will should return to private school. Beth brings Bernadette to the Spaulding mansion where she tells Alan she has some ground rules. He asks if the name Bernadette is set in stone.

Guiding Light
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