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Guiding Light Prologue
Telling Bill that he's planning on bringing Sarah "back into the fold," Alan agrees to make some deals with him but insists that Lizzie not find out. Natalia announces to Olivia that she is giving her Gus. Olivia doesn't believe her at first but then the truth sinks in. Lizzie urges Jonathan to marry her for Sarah's sake.

Guiding Light Episode Recap, Part I
Running into her and Sarah, Bill admits to Lizzie (Marcy Rylan) that he is going to do some work for Alan but claims he's doing so to protect her and to keep an eye on Alan (Ron Raines). Meanwhile, Ava runs to Jonathan and leaks that Bill is doing some work for Alan. Jonathan confronts Bill and orders him to stay away from his daughter. As they exchange shoves, Jonathan loses his cellphone which Bill finds. Bill later goes through Jonathan's calls and finds a listing for a woman named Aubrey.

Guiding Light Episode Recap, Part II
Jonathan surprises Lizzie by agreeing to marry her. Alan finds Olivia meeting with a top cardiac specialist at the hospital and though she claims she's there for a friend, he guesses otherwise. He offers to be there for Emma should anything happen to her but Olivia explains that Emma has Gus. Talking to photos of Emma, Sarah and Bernadette, Alan boasts of bringing them all back home where they belong. Gus tells Natalia that they should finally have a wedding night but she claims it's over - she is responsible for Olivia failing to get a heart.

Guiding Light Epilogue
Insisting she has to give him up, Natalia sends him to Olivia but he will only go after they've consummated their marriage. In bed later, Natalia suggests to Gus that they can start anew after this is over but warns that she won't allow him to have sex with Olivia.

Guiding Light
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