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Guiding Light Prologue (2/29/08)
Bill tells Lizzie Jon is the wrong man for her. But Reva comes to Jon’s defense, until Bill reveals Jon’s plans to leave town. Finally, Bill says Lizzie belongs with him. Reva tells Jon he can’t leave town and is upset to find out Jeffrey knew about his plans.

Guiding Light Episode Guide Part I

When Josh sides with Reva, Cassie loses it again. Alan arrives, telling them they don’t need to be afraid of him – he won’t go after Sarah. Lizzie agrees to marry Jon, as Billy escorts a screaming Bill out. Cassie flirts with Chad, so she can take Will out for a bit. Reva catches Cassie eating blissfully with Will. Reva tells Cassie she’s going to call Jeffrey and tell him Will is out, if Cassie doesn’t return him. When Will loses it, Reva is stunned to learn it was Cassie who helped to damage Cross Creek. But Cassie has no apologies, instead accusing Reva of trying to win Josh back all along. As Jeffrey pays Will a visit, we see Will reach for Chad’s taser.

Guiding Light Episode Guide Part II
Lizzie notices Jon seems distant and when it’s her turn to say the vows, she can’t bring herself to do it. Jon anxiously waits for Lizzie to return when Alan says it won’t happen. Jon grabs Bernadette from Beth and says he won’t give her back until he gets Tammy back. Stephen is trying to convince Josh to get Cassie to apologize when Jeffrey asks why he’d sell out his own wife. Beth tells Alan she’s rethought the name Bernadette and introduces him to their baby girl, Peyton. But meanwhile we see that Rick is in prison due to some strings Alan pulled. Lizzie says she couldn’t go through with the wedding and Bill finally admits he couldn’t let Lizzie go.

Guiding Light Epilogue
Bill and Lizzie break from the kiss, but as soon as Bill goes to the car, a menacing Jon grabs Lizzie from behind and drags her away. Bill looks for Lizzie, but she’s not there. Jon is driving, with an unwilling Lizzie and tells her the moment she sided with Bill, she became an enemy too...

Guiding Light
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