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Josh is astounded to find Cassie believes that there is something terribly wrong with Will. However, when she excuses what he did and tells him she doesn't want to lose her son right now, Josh points out that he needs help and insists on talking with Jeffrey.

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After he leaves, Cassie panics when Will pulls out a huge pair of scissors to use on a project. When R.J. gets near, Cassie quickly takes the scissors away and realizes she's afraid Will could hurt her son. At the station Josh hints to Jeffrey that Will admitted he was glad Edmund fell.

Pointing out that Josh might not trust Will being around R.J., Jeffrey suggests that Will could need to be sent away for some special help. Josh guesses Cassie won't be happy about the news. Later, Jeffrey and Mel end their partnership. In the bag of files and more she brought from the office, he finds the security DVD.

While he shows Josh what he's discovered, Cassie takes Will to the Bauer cabin and vows to "change him." Harley tells Marina and Cyrus that she wants to use herself as bait to draw Phillip out.

Cyrus heads out to plant the story that he's broke and may do something drastic to solve his economic woes. Looking for Cyrus, Marina runs into Remy who bets her $20 that he's with Harley.


Harley convinces a reluctant Beth to help fool Phillip. Cyrus calms Harley when she worries where Zach is after soccer practice. At the hotel suite, Cyrus ends up kissing her just as Marina returns.

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