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Guiding Light
July 21, 2008

Reva and Josh arrive at the wedding site for today's movie shooting and are reminded of their actual wedding years ago. The two help the actor playing the minister to learn his lines and then are brought to tears to meet the actors playing H.B. and Sarah.

Jeffrey escorts Cassie to the set but then backs off because he doesn't really want to be a part of this. Billy complains to an amused Reva and Josh about the actor playing him. He wonders aloud if it would be weird for him to "hit on" the actress playing Mindy.

Later, Billy has a run-in with the obnoxious actor who is playing him in the movie. Finding Cassie behind him, Josh nervously claims that he wasn't sure if he was going to be here but she insists she knew he would be.

The two want to talk about their marriage and Cassie warns him that it's not healthy to live in the past. Finding Jeffrey at the beer tub, Reva thanks him for not running away.

He assures her he never had a problem with the movie. Reva advises Jolene that on her wedding day, she did not have cold feet. Cassie's upset to watch Reva and Josh dancing together as extras during a rehearsal of a scene from the movie.

Jeffery admits to Cassie that he's allowing Reva to face her past because they can't have a future if she doesn't.

Cassie interrupts the rehearsal and considers kicking them off the Beacon property but when she realizes what she's done, she covers and welcomes them instead. After talking to their counterparts about their wedding vows, Josh confesses to Reva that he made a mistake and should never have left her.

Claiming his relationship with Cassie is "broken," Josh admits he can't go back to her. Reva tells him she's been waiting for him to say those words and he wonders if she'll come back to him.

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Guiding Light
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