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Guiding Light
Episode Recap, 7/24/08

Today on Guiding Light ...

Dinah and Vanessa wait together in the hospital for word about Ava and Bill's baby. When they spot two nurses eyeing a website photo of Bill with Lizzie, Dinah lectures them about getting back to work.

Remy ends up waiting for word on the baby with Lizzie at Company. Lizzie tells him she's given up on Bill and is "slamming the door shut forever."

Beth calls Lizzie to warn her that there is a photo of her with Bill on the Internet. Lizzie confronts the governor, telling him that she tricked Bill into meeting her at the cabin.

She claims that Bill ended things with her a long time ago and assures him that nothing happened. While Bill steps out of the room, the doctor delivers the baby via C-section.

Hearing the baby is on a respirator in the NICU, Bill accompanies Ava to see their son for the first time. While Ava mumbles, Bill's astounded to see that their baby is African/American.

The nurse assures them that this is their baby and adds that the skin will get darker as the days go on.

Ava nervously claims that the clinic assured her that her choice of donors would be used but Bill insists on talking to the clinic himself. He updates Vanessa and admits Ava used a sperm donor.

Warning that they won't let him in, Dinah tells Remy that the baby is in the NICU. Remy brings Ava flowers and congratulates her.

Vanessa interrupts and after Remy leaves, she assures Ava that Bill loves his son and demands that she promise she won't take the baby from her son.

Remy stares in disbelief at Ava's baby and tells Bill and Ava that it's his baby. Handling a meeting with the "Brits" Bill asked her to cancel, Dinah finds Alexandra has been hired as their consultant.

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