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Guiding Light
July 30, 2008

Today on Guiding Light ...

After Daisy puts off Grady who wants to meet, Mallet runs into him and warns that he expects to put him behind bars again. When Cyrus deliberately bumps into Marina, she asks him to stay away from her family.

Finding Daisy living in her car, Marina invites her to move in with her.

Reva tries to hire Buzz to cater her wedding and when he asks if she's marrying Josh, she explains that Josh was fine for what she was years ago but now, Jeffrey is perfect for her.

Hearing Grady outside trashing her trashing cans, Reva gives chase. Grady spends time with Daisy and assures her that "granny Reva" will not be bothering them anymore.

He claims he's got a plan to make Reva realize they belong together. Reva calls and pleads with Daisy to come to her in the hospital because she needs her.

There, Reva advises Daisy that she's fine but blames her sprained ankle on Grady and claims that Daisy came because she knows what Grady is capable of doing.

Daisy insists Grady was just trying to scare her but Reva wonders what he'll do next time. Later, Grady asks Daisy for Reva's schedule and when she asks why he wants it, he accuses her of being just like all the others and walks away.

Cyrus deliberately runs into Marina again and asks her not to take out on Grady any anger she feels towards Cyrus. Mallet confronts Grady about bothering Reva and the troublemaker points out that Cyrus and Marina are together.

Flirting with her, Frank invites Natalia to have dinner with him. After talking about his "arranged" marriage with Eleni, Frank tells Natalia that he was unable to find Harley or Rafe in Greece.

When she mentions talking with Alan about his visions of Gus, Frank warns her to stay away from him. Later, Natalia agrees to start packing after taking a call from Alan.

While Mallet is warning Marina that he knows she still has some lingering feelings for her old boyfriend, Cyrus assures his brother that he's following Marina to get information out of her.

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