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Guiding Light
July 7 Episode Guide

Today on Guiding Light, Josh and Cassie are invited to a screening of the "dailies" from the movie about him and Reva but Cassie won't go.

Reva invites Jeffrey to the screening but he's not interested in viewing the Josh and Reva love story. At the screening, Reva tells Josh that she and Jeffrey are no longer engaged.

Josh is not pleased to see how they re-wrote the movie so that he is offering to give up Cassie to be with Reva if she fights her cancer.

As he throws a fit, Reva's amused as Josh lays into the people behind the movie. When Olivia worries to Jeffrey about Bill and Ava sleeping apart, he laughs and confesses he told Lizzie the truth about Ava's baby.

As she loudly complains, he pulls her into his office and defends his decision. He points out Bill married her anyway and wonders if the guy actually loves their daughter.

Having slipped in to see the movie with Jeffrey, Cassie decides she can't take it anymore and tells Jeffrey she wants to leave.

When he sees Cassie is there, Josh claims they changed the story but Cassie guesses it will be a big hit.

After they leave, Reva and Jeffrey have a laugh about the movie. An angry Josh approaches Jeffrey about using legal means to shut down the production.

Alan and Lillian bring Dinah a gift and ask about the company now that Bill seems interested in politics. Dinah assigns Ashlee to interview Alan because she thinks he's going crazy.

Ashlee confides in Alan about her decision to end things with Coop. He responds that Gus thinks she's special.

Dinah returns the gift to Alan and orders him to stay away. Alan assures Lillian that he will get everything back with Gus leading them to the "promised land."

Reva assures Cassie that she's not interested in her husband and is happy with Jeffrey in her life.

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