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Guiding Light
Episode Recap - 7.9.09

On today's Guiding Light:

Finding her daughter hard at work, Ashlee assures her mother that she dumped Coop and is happy at WSPR. Doris guesses she's burying her life in her work just like she does.

When asked if they broke up because he pressured her for sex, Ashlee talks about why she needs to figure out her life and doesn't want to settle down. Coop advises Buzz that Blake is no longer acting as his agent.

When Buzz asks him if Blake caused his break up with Ashlee, Coop says yes at first but then claims that he and Ashlee were not meant to be together.

He also reveals he's excited about teaching a summer middle school course. Talking up how great the Cooper family is, Blake's surprised when Natalia complains that Harley took her son from her.

Running into each other, Ashlee and Coop sheepishly admit that still love each other. She also admits her fear that it will take so long to finish her search that she'll lose him forever.

Frank accuses Reva of phoning in the anonymous tip but she points out that he did have drugs on him. Frank claims the drugs won't keep him behind bars for long. Daisy's upset to find she's not on the visitor list for Grady.

After Reva seeks his help, Buzz confronts a jailed Grady who calls him "Grandpa Grill Cook." Buzz demands the guy stay away from Daisy and somberly warns that he has nothing to lose in backing up his threat.

At WSPR, Daisy complains about the way Grady's being treated. When Ashlee boasts to Daisy that she doesn't date killers like she does, Daisy reminds her that if she had been a better shot, Ashlee would have killed Alan.

Blake apologizes to Ashlee for what happened between her and Coop. She then brings Clarissa to her summer enrichment class and discovers Coop is the teacher. Reva and Daisy face off about Grady.

The teen claims that she will never leave Grady.

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