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Guiding Light
June 17, 2008
Episode Recap

On today's episode of Guiding Light, Daisy leaks to Reva that she turned in "G" to the police. As the truth of what she's been doing sinks in, Daisy also leaks that he is Cyrus' brother.

Reva is astounded that she would let the murderer back into her life and gets her to admit that she wants her relationship to be over.

Dinah shows Ashlee a photo of Grady and explains that he was driving the car that hit and killed Tammy and that he's back in town.

Disgusted, Ashlee runs to find Daisy. Realizing that he was using her because of Doris, Ashlee blasts Daisy for helping the guy who killed Tammy.

Daisy insists he didn't mean to kill her but Ashlee reminds her that he was actually aiming at Jonathan.

Stopping by the farm, Mallet announces to Cassie that he arrested the man responsible for Tammy's death and apologizes because she has to live through this again.

Finding Cassie in the park, Ashlee cries to her about how sorry she is.

Buzz pays Cyrus' bail to free him.

After Cyrus leaves yet another message for Harley, he finds Daisy and brings her to Company where he admits he wants her to stay away from Grady.

With Reva helping, Buzz asks Daisy for the money she stole from Company's cash register and orders her to work there until she pays off what she owes. Looking for Cassie at the farmhouse, Cyrus finds only Josh there and leaks that Grady is his brother.

With Dinah having the entire moment videotaped, Cassie confronts Grady in jail and calls him an animal who should be dead.

She's rocked to learn that he is Cyrus' brother and calls Cyrus a liar for denying Grady was in town. Though Daisy insists on waiting to talk with Grady, Reva forces her to leave and takes her back to Company.

Tune in to tomorrow's episode of Guiding Light!

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