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Guiding Light
June 30, 2008

Today on Guiding Light, saying she needed an escape from everything in her life, Cassie confesses to Reva that she slept once with someone other than Josh.

She seeks her sister's advice but Reva decides this is Cassie's problem and leaves. Later, Jeffrey reports Grady's decision to Cassie and gets a "wow" when he asks if she's pleased by the news.

Instead, she asks if he's really going to marry Reva and if he's happy. She confesses that she can't understand why she cheated on Josh because she loves him. Jeffrey asks if she's truly happy with Josh.

Punching him in the stomach repeatedly, Josh presses Cyrus for details about his one night with Cassie but Cyrus tells him to "let it go." Shocked by what he has done, Josh leaves the injured Cyrus.

Marina finds him battered and takes him to the hospital.

He explains that he can't leave Springfield because he needs to protect Daisy from his brother. Once she leaks that Grady has confessed and offered to testify against Alan, Mallet catches them together so Cyrus takes off.

Josh ends up outside the cabin where Reva urges him to go home. He claims he needs to be here where life is "real" but after watching a scene from the movie, Josh tells Reva that he's lost her and their love.

Later, Jeffrey confesses to Reva that he knew Cassie had cheated on Josh but urges her to tell her husband what she did.

Cassie finds Josh at church and insists that she has enough faith in their relationship for them both. He ends up hugging her. Cyrus is upset to find a "For Rent" sign on Harley's house.

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Guiding Light
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