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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 6.5.08

Today on Guiding Light,

After Coop and Blake return to Springfield, he thanks her for all of her help on the PR trip. When he embraces her, she suddenly kisses him passionately. While Coop is embarrassed about the kiss, Blake claims that it's been obvious from the beginning that they had a "connection."

Coop reminds her he has a girlfriend but Blake says she doesn't want to be that for him. She assures him Ashlee doesn't need to know but he insists he's not interested. Finding Ashlee still has the dog tags she found in the park, Daisy guesses that Ashlee has a crush on the stranger.

Later, Ashlee and Coop are reunited and hop into bed to have sex. Daisy's not pleased to find Cyrus still at Harley's place, unaware he's still looking for the missing money. When he won't let her drink a beer, she orders him to get out.

Later, as she tosses the flowers from her car, Daisy is shocked to find "G" back in town. Admitting he spent time in jail, Grady claims that he can't get Tammy out of his mind after hitting her. He claims he'll never be able to make up for what he did but asks for a chance to make it up to her for running out on her.

Grady tries to kiss her but is force to run off after Daisy spots Frank. Meanwhile, Cyrus calls Adrianna about doing one more job for her. Cyrus is shocked to see "G" coming down the stairs. Olivia complains to Reva about the unending rehearsal taking place in the room.

Hearing Jolene moaning loudly, Reva interrupts and suggests the actors use their own names while having sex. Later, Jolene gets Reva to talk about her past again which affects Reva.

Watching what's been filmed already, Reva is affected and, fighting the tears, announces that she wants to change the ending because she's with Jeffrey now.

Talking with Olivia about her past, Reva's pleased to hear her wedding rings arrived at the hotel and angrily denies Olivia's claim that she'll end up with Josh.

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