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Guiding Light Episode Recap
March 10, 2008

Part One

Lizzie finds she's not allowed to leave the Spaulding mansion as Alan reminds her of their agreement. Billy leaks to Bill about Lizzie's deal with Alan. Though he prefaces his confession by boasting that he'll always be grateful that she changed his life, Cyrus confesses that he and Harley are in love. She blasts him for cheating on her and lying to her. Hearing the voices, Frank and Harley find them at odds and Frank realizes what Harley has done. Marina runs off but when Harley chases after her, admitting she knew about their affair.

Part Two
Harley she can't stop, Marina calls her a "slutty home wrecker" and a whore." Adding that Cyrus will do it to her too, Marina wishes her luck. Harley returns home and falls into Cyrus' arms, asking him if everything is going to be okay. She takes him up to the bedroom but an outraged Frank catches them leaping out of bed. Having used a wrench on the heater at the Cross Creek cabin, Will heads out to the road where Daisy picks him up. Inside the cabin, Cassie is outraged to find a clothed Josh lying on top of Reva on the couch.

Part Three
Josh tells Reva he vaguely remembers seeing Will staring at them through the doorway. Back at home, though Cassie warns that Josh will be back soon, Will claims that Josh died today and explains how he adjusted the valve on the heater so that he and Reva would die. In a panic Cassie orders Will to pack his things. When Josh returns, Cassie kisses him and apologizes but then lies about taking Will to see some horses. She promises him they'll work this out. Reva figures out what Will did and runs to warn Josh.

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Guiding Light
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