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Guiding Light Prologue (3/11/08)
Cassie tries to figure out why Will wanted to hurt Reva and Josh, just as he falls from a tree branch. Cassie tends to Will’s injury. Cassie calls Josh, reminding him she loves him. Will asks Cassie if she thinks he’s bad.

Guiding Light Episode Guide
Josh tells Frank and Mallet that Will left with Cassie. Marina joins Mallet in finding Cassie, to distract herself from her pain. Mallet and Josh arrive with guns, Cassie tells Will to run. An ex-lover pays Cyrus a visit, telling him she wants everything he stole back. Phoebe blackmails Cyrus for $100,000. Daisy gets in to college, then she and Ashlee see Harley kissing Cyrus. Cyrus is placing calls, trying to get the money when Will runs up to him. Harley is forced to admit she stole him from Marina. Cyrus grabs Cassie, letting her see he’s found Will. Cassie breaks down to Cyrus and he offers to help Cassie and get Will out of town. Marina and Phoebe meet up and we realize they’re working together to make Harley and Cyrus pay.

Guiding Light Epilogue
Will and Cassie are together when cops, Mallet (Robert Bogue) and Josh arrive. Will cries that he doesn’t want to leave, but finally Cassie realizes she has no choice but to send him away.

Guiding Light
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