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Guiding Light Prologue
After sex, Harley tells Cyrus they should go to the hospital for Marina's sake. Reva and Jeffrey get some good news when Dr. Flanagan reports that her latest tests show that she is free and clear of cancer. Reva finds Olivia crying and realizes she's very ill. She convinces Jeffrey to join Olivia for lunch. Olivia confesses she's dying and Jeffrey assures her he'll do all he can to help her.

Guiding Light Episode Recap
Coop is thrilled when he gets a call revealing that his book is going to be published. Giving Ashlee the good news, Coop hands her cash to get a new dress so they can celebrate later. Reminding him she's been published, Blake kisses Coop and convinces him to let her act as his agent. Ashlee is hurt when a salesman tells her outright that they don't have outfits over a size 14. Frank and Buzz bring Marina to the hospital for today's surgery.

Guiding Light Episode Recap Part 2
When Cyrus and Harley show up to offer their support, Frank tells Cyrus to go to hell and Buzz reminds Harley this is not about her so she should go home. Frank warns Harley that she may have to make a choice between Cyrus and her family. Cyrus pleads with him to talk with his daughter, and Buzz meets Harley who reveals she loves Cyrus so much that she wrote a big check to Phoebe.

Guiding Light Epilogue
Behind bars, Alan seeks Gus' legal help and though he refuses, he offers to represent Alan if he'll agree to help Olivia. Gus tells Olivia about a new doctor in Europe Alan told him about but she refuses to leave town.

Guiding Light
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