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Guiding Light
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As Guiding Light gets underway, Dinah confirms that she's behind the scheme to fool Alan into thinking Phillip is coming back. She explains that Alan is responsible for Ross being taken from her so she's seeking revenge. Alan prevents Lizzie from sneaking off the Spaulding property again and reminds her of their agreement, reiterating that she is to stay away from Bill because he spoiled his chance at being with Peyton. Bill calls Alan to complain about Phillip following him and tricks him into meeting him at the gym.

Alan is placed under arrest for various crimes and Alan tells Lizzie that Phillip set him up. Dinah's pleased when Mallet admits he's staying in Springfield to be fill in for Frank as Chief but not happy to see him with Marina. Running into Gus, Daisy admits she misses him. When she confirms she's happy with Rafe, Gus congratulates her but then backs off when Rafe tells him they don't need his acceptance. Rafe and Daisy try to rent a seedy motel room but can't get past the landlord's request for employment history.

Caught together at the house, Cyrus tries to play "dad" now that he's moved in but Daisy gives him a hard time and reminds him how he and Harley hurt Marina. Stating that she wanted her to hear this from her first, Harley tells Marina that Cyrus is moving in with her. Telling her again and again that she loves her, Harley hopes they can work this out but an angry Marina wonders aloud what her kids will think of having yet another new daddy. Harley then tells Gus and worries to Cyrus about whether they can make it.

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Guiding Light
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