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Guiding Light
Episode Recap, 3/25/08

Today on Guiding Light, Jeffrey suggests to Josh it was an inside job that may cost Alan his freedom. After Gus spent the night in her room at the Beacon, he upsets Olivia when he reveals that he's representing Alan today in court. Olivia asks Josh to her and Gus so she won't be alone when she dies but he refuses.

Alan tells Beth about his legal troubles but she denies that Phillip could be responsible because "he's changed." Showing her a dress she used to wear in San Cristobel, Olivia reminisces with Ava but then urges her to get on with her life. Finding Frank depressed with Buzz and Coop, Ashlee decides to take them to have pedicures.

While Dinah is overjoyed reading to Bill about Alan's legal troubles, he warns her that he doesn't want Lizzie to get hurt in any of this. While she waits for Bill, Lizzie spreads roses on his bed but finds Ava at the door.

Plopping onto the bed, Ava boasts she slept with Bill on this same bed the other day.

Lizzie is furious with Bill and starts drinking the champagne before Bill arrives and convinces her that he only wants Lizzie. After they have sex, Bill stuns Lizzie when he asks her to move in with him. As Alan's trial gets underway, Beth calls to report that Peyton is missing. He rushes out, much to the anger of the judge.

Dinah hints to Jeffrey that she's aware of Alan's misdeeds. Dinah then watches as Lillian brings Peyton to a relieved Beth and Alan. Back at the mansion, Gus warns Alan that he can't do anything else to help his case.

As Dinah secretly listens, Alan urges Beth to take the kids and leave town to keep them safe. Finding her in tears holding onto a wedding dress, Jeffrey offers to marry Olivia and Gus.

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Guiding Light
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