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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 3/26/08

Today on Guiding Light, Lizzie returns to the mansion to pack.

Beth offers to go to San Gabriel with him and Peyton if he'll let Lizzie go with Bill but he refuses. Using a listening device, Dinah warns Bill of Alan's travel plans and suggests they call the authorities. When Lizzie tells Alan of her plans, he shows her the latest fax he's had about Jonathan and Sarah and suggests their fate lies in her hands.

Lizzie lies to Bill about being able to escape from Alan and kisses him goodbye.

She and Beth then board the Spaulding limo as Alan orders the driver to take them to the airport. When Bill can't reach Lizzie's cellphone, he fears the worst and manages to stop the limo on the road.

Bill pulls her from the car and drives off with her.

Alan's warned by a call from the pilot that the police have surrounded the jet so it won't be able to take off as planned. He orders the car back to the mansion but finds he can't open the Spaulding gate.

Two federal agents inform Alan that all of his assets have been seized including the mansion. As Dinah secretly watches from behind a tree, Alan orders Beth to call his attorney as they take him away.

After making big plans with Ava and Emma for her wedding today, Olivia dresses up and greets Gus as he gets off the elevator. He warns her that Alan may be scheming to take Emma from her.

As he takes a look around, Gus is shocked to realize what she wants.

Admitting she knows the marriage wouldn't be legal, Olivia asks him to give her this last gift just to make her feel "complete." Gus turns her down and reminds her that he is committed to Natalia.

Finding Olivia devastated in the hotel stairwell, Jeffrey offers to marry her.

Until tomorrow on Guiding Light ...

Guiding Light
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