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Guiding Light Prologue
As Cassie and the Rev. Ruthledge agree that today marks a new day for them all, Will interrupts and frightens Josh by announcing that he is back. When Stephen questions if Josh will have the time for his congregation due to Will's return, Reva interrupts and announces that the boy will be staying with her. Josh loves the idea but has to work hard to convince Cassie to go along with the plan so they can have their life back.

Guiding Light Episode Guide, Part 1
Jeffrey's not pleased by the "solution" and jokes that he put in a call for an ankle bracelet for the terror. Cassie tells Will and he guesses Josh forced her hand. Going through his bag, Reva finds a drawing of the "hangman" game Will made with Josh's name. She calls Josh with the warning and he asks her not to tell Cassie. Though Josh lies about who called him, Cassie discovers it was Reva. Lizzie catches Cyrus following her and sends him her schedule for the day to make his job for Jonathan easier.

Guiding Light Episode Guide, Part 2
Bill catches Jonathan trying to plant drugs in Lizzie's room. After she admits she can't find Rick, Alan promises Beth that he will turn over a new leaf if she and Peyton come home. A jailed Rick warns Doris that she is not going to get away with locking him up and demands to see Frank. Beth asks a sarcastic Mel if she has any idea where Rick is. Admitting that he's the only person she knows who is as dangerous as Jonathan, Lizzie asks Alan for his help getting Sarah back, telling him to do whatever it takes.

Guiding Light Epilogue
Instead, Alan approaches Jonathan with a deal to double-cross Lizzie, inviting him to leave town with Sarah. In exchange, he asks him to bring Sarah back to Springfield once in awhile and he'll offer him some inheritance money as a bonus. Alan then calls Lizzie to boast of his success fooling Jonathan.

Guiding Light
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