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Guiding Light Prologue
Alan instructs Lizzie to call Jonathan and have him meet her on the Old Mill Road. She reminds him that's where Tammy was hit but he insists. He then orders his men to keep Bill captive and calls the police to report where the person who murdered a Tourmaline, California sheriff can be found. When Lizzie stops by the mansion, Alan instructs her to do as ordered and Jonathan will end up in prison.

Guiding Light Episode Guide, Pt. 1
Beth and Rick interrupt and announce that Alan is going to jail for bribery and false testimony. Jonathan stops by to see Reva who is taking care of Will. He reports that Lizzie took Sarah and now is setting him up. She pleads with him not to leave town but Jonathan explains that's his only alternative. Cassie assumes Reva's hurting Will when she finds Reva with her arms around the boy. Will spits out a game piece and smiles.

Guiding Light Episode Guide, Pt. 2
Will watches the man as he uses his wrench to fix a leak. Bill gets the jump on his two captors and makes his escape. Lizzie meets Jonathan and tries to drive off with her dog and her daughter but Jonathan accuses her of being controlled by Alan. She eventually decides that she can't betray him and as he takes Sarah, she asks him to meet her in the churchyard. She sends the police in the wrong direction and then collapses, crying.

Guiding Light Epilogue
Lizzie tells Alan she'll stay with him if he'll let Sarah and Jonathan be. She meets Bill later and takes comfort in his bed. Afterwards, she leaves him and returns to the mansion. Rick and Beth are shocked to read that it was Phillip who bailed him out of jail. Reva cries as Josh reads the goodbye note her son left for her.

Guiding Light
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