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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 5.2.08

Today on Guiding Light, Cassie wakes Cyrus in his room at the Beacon and warns him to go back to Harley before it's too late. Reva watches as Jeffrey continues to take care of Olivia at the cabin.

She tries to tell him about the movie Hawk's arranged but Jeffrey tells her he's got to take Olivia to a test at the hospital. As she goes through his things at the house, Harley finds Gus' leather jacket and offers it to Natalia. She hands it back and tells her to keep it.

Josh is curious when he meets a woman who won't tell her who she is. He eventually learns that she's Jolene, an actress who has been hired to portray Reva in the movie about her life and tells Reva that he's against the idea. He gives Harley a check to keep spying for him.

Later, kissing him, Cassie invites Josh to move back into their bed because she misses him but he refuses. When she invites him out tonight, he offers to call her later. Reva introduces Jeffrey to Jolene who boasts that she wants to get to know Jeffrey for her role.

Reva says it's not going to happen. Jeffrey and Olivia are told that Olivia needs to remain inside for now. Before they go out, Reva suggests Jeffrey check on Olivia one final time. Natalia stops by with a box of Gus' things for Olivia but is told she doesn't want it.

Making her tea, Natalia catches her spying on Jeffrey and Reva outside. Olivia wants to move out but Jeffrey thinks it's too soon. Meeting her at Company, Frank assures Natalia that he's moved on now that Gus is gone and is not blaming anyone for Marina's pain.

He offers to make her an original "Frank-burger." Cyrus surprises Harley with a kiss and the two end up in bed together. Afterwards, Harley confides to Cyrus that she's been hired by Josh to find out who is Cassie's lover.

Guiding Light
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