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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 5.5.08

Today on Guiding Light, Jeffrey brings Olivia to the house she bought from Natalia but isn't happy about leaving her alone there. She insists she'll be fine but later, hires a car to take her away.

Reva's not pleased when she overhears Jolene the actress calls Josh "Joshua" and orders her not to do that.

Cyrus advises Cassie that Josh has hired Harley to find out who her secret lover is and that he convinced her to let him handle this. Harley gets into an argument with Doris' cousin who is also a Springfield cop.

Reva asks Harley if Daisy can work on the movie this summer and Harley okays the idea. Olivia decides to move back into the Beacon. Reva's thrilled when Jeffrey reveals that Olivia moved out.

Asking her to do it for Emma's sake, Jeffrey hires a reluctant Lillian to act as Olivia's nurse. Ava sends over some nursing candidates but Olivia doesn't like any of them.

When Jeffrey brings Lillian, the two are at odds as Olivia explains she needs her to do her laundry and run errands for her. As she leaves for the day, Lillian tells Olivia that she was a nurse during the Vietnam War and knows that everybody she met over there was a lot braver than she is.

Josh confides to Cassie that he's trying to forgive her but doesn't know if he can. Josh is uncomfortable when Jolene shows up at the farmhouse. Later, Jolene's with Reva trying to learn how she laughs and is intrigued when Reva claims that Josh always comes back to her.

Jeffrey's annoyed to find Hawk is at the house and learns that Reva invited him to stay there while the movie is being filmmed. Encouraged by Daisy to go out and have some fun, Cassie visits with Cyrus.

Later, Cyrus lies to Josh about what he's discovered about Cassie and her out-of-town lover, Chris Boyle, an insurance salesman from Chicago. Jolene advises the producer that the movie is a love story about Reva and Josh.

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