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Guiding Light
Episode Recap, 5.20

Today on Guiding Light, Beth decides to let him have some "quality time" with Peyton. Buzz seeks Rafe's help in narrowing down the list of students who have applied for the Gus Aitoro scholarship.

As they go through the names, they hear a noise from outside and discovers Alan out cold at the bottom of the stairs. Buzz worries that a chunk of roof hit Alan but when he wakes, Alan claims that it was Gus who saved him by tripping him. He also claims he feels fine.

A worried Beth finds Alan in the hospital where he assures her he's fine. When she returns, Beth discovers Rick and her baby are gone. Later, after hiding out at a sleazy motel room, Rick returns with Peyton and asks her to keep the baby away from him because he was willing to kidnap her.

Vowing not to chase her anymore, Rick hopes that she'll want to spend the 4th of July with him at the Bauer barbecue. Given the okay to go home, Alan assures Buzz that he wouldn't sue him for what happened. Back at Company Alan, Buzz and Rafe move the broken roof out of the way.

Natalia finds a drowsy Olivia in her room amidst some pill bottles and assumes she tried to kill herself. Olivia claims she's just tired, not suicidal. Alan opens up about his accident today, telling her that he felt as if Gus had reached out to save him.

He adds that Gus told him that everything is going to be okay with him. He also claims that Gus mentioned the idea of coming back for some unfinished business.

Olivia doesn't believe this so Natalia lays into her for being unable to feel anything. Later, Olivia stops herself from taking more pills and instead, orders some "special" books.

Guiding Light
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