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Guiding Light
Episode Guide, 5.23

Today on Guiding Light, Cyrus offers Daisy a peace offering of a charm bracelet but she guesses he stole it. Harley faces off with the principal who won't change her mind about allowing Daisy to graduate with the rest of her class.

Upset that she can't present the Gus Aitoro scholarship at the graduation ceremony, Harley asks Mallet to make the speech for her but he asks Rafe to make the presentation instead. Finding him frustrated, Daisy hands Rafe a card for psychic Madame Marie who he pays $20 for a reading.

But when she starts talking about the cash he found, he accuses her of trying to take all of his money. He loudly complains so she calls the police. Harley takes the call and chats with him later about Gus. She asks him to take Gus' things out of the basement.

He surprises her with the money he found in Gus' Cubs jacket but Harley won't take it. Back at home, Harley is thrilled when Mrs. Sanders calls Daisy to okay her graduation. But when she thanks Mallet for making a call on Daisy's behalf, he sends her to Cyrus who is behind bars for the phony ID scheme.

Claiming she wants her to do prep work for a new series, Dinah sends Ashlee to Jeffrey's office to snap some photos. Jeffrey catches her and takes the memory card out, telling her to have Dinah call him. Later, he warns Dinah he will find out what she is doing.

Jeffrey then makes a call to Larry about a "situation" with the Springfield police department. Cyrus tells Mallet that he was forcing Daisy to make the phony IDs. Mallet's outraged when Dinah leaks that she may have gotten Jeffrey to investigate Gus.

Mallet insists Gus is innocent and threatens to turn himself in. When Jeffrey explains to Dinah that Mallet's been withholding evidence, she reports that Gus is the dirty cop.

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