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Guiding Light
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Today on Guiding Light:

A sleep-deprived Lizzie agrees to take care of a crying Peyton for Beth so she can attend a PTA meeting. Bill brings flowers and chocolates to Lizzie in honor of Mother's Day but upsets her when he unknowingly wakes up the baby. Lizzie decides to take the crying baby for a ride, leaving Bill behind to watch Roxie.

As he starts eating the chocolates he got Lizzie, he calls Dinah and asks her to sign his name to any present she got their mother. Hanging up, Bill panics to realize how much chocolate Roxie has eaten and realizes he's got to get the dog some help.

Hearing Marina on the phone, wishing her mother a Happy Mother's Day, Remy realizes he forgot and seeks her advice on what to get his. Dinah's with Mallet as he prepares for his speech until Matt pulls her away to discuss the changes to the renovations over plates of pancakes.

Dinah leaks that she bought WSPR because she needed a creative project, not to stick it to her mother. Marina and Mallet have fun together at the station house as they argue about what are the appropriate colors to use for file folders. He reminds her of the fun they had yesterday but she tells him to get back to his speech.

Mallet asks Bill to get Dinah to back off her corporate takeovers for fear of making more enemies. Bill considers it if he'll consider giving his sister another chance. Later, finding Marina waiting for Mallet, Dinah gets into an argument with her.

Bill brings the dog to the vet's where Lizzie later arrives. Relieved her dog will be okay, Lizzie starts telling him all sorts of stories about Roxie's various run-ins until she announces that "they're done" and orders him to go back to Ava and be a good father.

Remy is there to comfort her as Ava throws up. She dares him to streak during Mallet's speech and when he does so, Marina tackles him. Later, in front of Remy, Bill asks Ava for the dates of her next doctor's appointment and wishes her a happy Mother's Day.

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