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Bill covers for Lizzie. Frank calls Jeffrey and asks what he can legally do about a suspected kidnaping. Jeffrey tells him there is nothing.

Alan argues with Bill about how to handle Lizzie's kidnaping and blasts him for "screwing up" everything. Alan fumes to hear he told Mallet and vows to do "what has to be done."

Hearing he has a meeting with Decker, Alan guesses everything is actually going well for Bill who insists he's keeping the company solvent for Lizzie's sake.

Surprised to learn that Reva is pregnant, Alan chuckles at the idea until Jeffrey points out that Alan just had a baby with Beth.

Alan privately asks Jeffrey to work by himself to "rescue" Lizzie and make the kidnaper pay for what he's done "with his last breath."

Reva hits the gym and meets trainer Gigi who offers to help her put together a program to help her during her pregnancy.

When Cyrus demands to know what she has his brother doing for her, Dinah lies about the job. He warns her that Grady can be more sensitive than he seems.

Cyrus then apologizes to Frank for the pain he caused Marina and Harley. Frank points out that, thanks to him, Marina's now with a decent guy.

Ashlee confronts Cyrus about his brother and the pain he's caused Daisy. Surprised to find him behind the Towers bar, Dinah opens up to Buzz, admitting that she's only wanted her family approval and may have done some things people don't approve of.

He urges her not to "beat herself up" over these things.

Later, after an incident at the doctor's office, Reva confides in Buzz about being pregnant at her age. Cyrus snoops around the basement at WSPR and finds a chair with a piece of tape.

Dinah spots Bill having a meeting with Decker and interrupts his incessant chatter about Lizzie to "save" the meeting for her brother.

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