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Dinah leaves another voicemail for Grady, Bill agrees to let Dinah handle a budget meeting with Decker - and Larry calls her a straight-shooter.

Meanwhile, tormented by his loud-mouthed, non-stop talking/singing kidnap victim, Grady moves her out of his van.

Still blindfolded, Lizzie stumbles away and falls into a sewer project hole. Realizing he can't get to her to retrieve her, Grady leaves.

Getting a call from the morgue, Bill rushes over to see if Lizzie has been found. He runs into Grady who claims he hasn't seen Lizzie in awhile.

Bill's relieved to discover that the dead blond at the morgue is not Lizzie. Catching him snooping around the Spaulding yard, Cassie invites herself to join him on whatever he is doing.

When she won't go home, he mentions Grady which upsets her.

She confesses that she fooled herself into thinking they were just friends and knows it's more than that. Cyrus admits he feels the same but adds that he will always be there to protect his brother.

After Cassie leaves, Cyrus slips into Lizzie's room and takes a few hairs from her hairbrush.

Dinah catches him so he lies that he was bringing Roxie back. He then compares the hair from the brush to hairs found on the rope in the basement and realizes that they all belong with Lizzie.

Cassie seeks Daisy's help dealing with Grady. Daisy admits that he recently called her and senses that he's in "a mess."

Donning a ski mask, Grady returns to the sewer pipe and climbs down to rescue Lizzie. But as she reaches the top, Grady slips and falls back to the bottom, hurting his leg.

Lizzie offers to help free him but insists he toss up his ski mask first.

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