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Daisy offers to help Grady but he sends her away as his leg continues to bleed. As they board the white van, Bill confesses to Lizzie that he loves her and cannot live his life without her.

The two head to the van but take a detour to the nearby mound of dirt and start kissing. He then gets the van started and downplays her concern that the van is unsafe and that he has been drinking.

Frank advises Mallet that the only clue they found at the site is Bill's smashed cellphone. Mallet starts wandering around the area and runs into a snooping Dinah.

He and Frank ask why she is there but she covers.

Meanwhile, Daisy comes upon the crashed van where Bill and Lizzie lie unconscious outside the vehicle.

Bill comes to and asks Daisy to tell Lizzie he's sorry. After Frank arrives, Remy works to bring a pulse back to Bill. At the hospital Rick asks Daisy to stay with Lizzie and assures her that she'll be fine.

Finding him "cleaning" his bleeding wound with whiskey, Dinah fears that Grady has killed her brother and demands to know what he did. Grady insists that he did nothing to Bill.

The two then hear a radio report about the accident and its victims. After Mallet assures her Bill is alive, Dinah claims this is all her fault.

When Emma complains that her mother is too tired to help her put her Halloween costume together, Natalia offers to fill in.

When Olivia wakes, she hears a message from Daisy about Rafe's continuing troubles at prison. She heads to the prison and meets with the bruised Rafe. She then faces off with the warden as Natalia arrives.

Olivia vows to do an expose on the horrible conditions at the prison if he doesn't protect Rafe but he walks away.

Natalia helps when Olivia suddenly feels weak.

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