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Jeffrey and Reva discover their car has run out of gas. Jeffrey leaves to find a gas station. Reva ends up attracting two bikers.

Jeffrey admits he sent the two men to keep an eye on her. Introducing them as Turk and Dirk, Jeffrey explains he called Springfield and discovered how they need to return home as soon as possible.

After saying goodbye to the two bikers, Jeffrey and Reva make their way back to Springfield where Jeffrey surprises her with a romantic cookout at the Cross Creek cabin, courtesy of Dirk and his brother.

Mallet tells Marina that he is going to try to help Rafe in prison. Marina seeks Coop's opinion on paint chips for Harley's house but he reminds her that he's color blind.

When Natalia arrives looking for Buzz, Marina and Coop assure her that they'll get him to give her more shifts at Company.

Cassie and Cyrus try to crash the party in hopes of getting to see the ambassador but when Cyrus' plan doesn't work, Cassie asks to see the host.

As Cyrus worries about the police dragging them out, the host spots her and recognizes her as Princess Cassie.

When she mentions San Cristobel, Cyrus remembers that he robbed her once.

Finding the ambassador drunk, cassie does her best to seek his help with Josh but Cyrus interrupts to chastise the man for ogling Cassie.

During her photo session, an exhausted Olivia asks for a 15-minute break. Natalia finds her collapsed on the bed and urges her to go see her doctor.

Donning one of Olivia's suits, Natalia claims to be Olivia's manager and announces a credible reason for Olivia's disappearance.

Impressed by how she handled the situation, Olivia hires her as her assistant.

Natalia's upset that Olivia didn't think she already had a "real" job.

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