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Remy boasts to his father Clayton that Ava is coming home. Olivia explains to Jeffrey that their daughter has decided not to come back to Springfield.

He calls her but only gets her voicemail.

Olivia finds the wedding pictures he wanted her to take to Ava and Olivia suggests they make their happy day look like a shotgun wedding.

Later, she tells Remy that he's the reason Ava is not coming back to town. Remy denies it and argues with Olivia who claims that pressuring her daughter into a relationship is what's driving her away.

Using the video connection on a computer, Reva chats with Josh who warns that their son Shayne is missing.

Jeffrey returns and tells her about Ava. When Reva decides that she's going to Afghanistan to look for her son, Jeffrey denies that she'd be of any help and points out how dangerous it would be for her and their baby.

She insists she must help her son but Jeffrey claims she's doing this to relieve her own guilt. However, a moment with Billy helps Reva see the light.

Admitting he's now with Dinah, Cyrus tries to reassure Cassie that Grady is moving on with his life. Frank stops by and when he hears she's changing her opinion about the man, warns her that Grady is not to be trusted.

Cyrus panics when he realizes he misplaced his lock-picking tools. Later, after getting word about a burglary, Frank arrests Cyrus and boasts that he has an eyewitness.

Reva apologizes to Jeffrey for her rash thinking. She's relieved to get a call that Shayne has returned safely.

Remy asks his father for a loan but Clayton turns him down, upset that he's putting his life on hold "for this girl."

Remy convinces Olivia that they should work together to bring Ava home.

Reading a text message that Shayne's been found, Jeffrey and Reva decide to accompany Olivia and Remy to Chicago to talk with Ava.

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