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Olivia and Remy advise Frank that Ava told them she will return to the home of her adopted mother to escape the memories from Springfield.

Lizzie hears that Bill was in the room and demands to know what he did to her grandfather.

Bill denies doing anything to her grandfather but as Alexandra and Beth worry, he sheepishly confesses to Lizzie that he did complain about things and that Alan may have heard him.

She's touched when he promises Lizzie that he's not leaving her.

Rick reports that Alan may be trying to emerge from his coma.

Alan starts to come out of his coma and eventually opens his eyes. Unable to speak, he writes a note for Lizzie, asking who she is.

Startled to learn she's considering a job offer as a waitress in a "gentlemen's club," Frank offers Natalia a job at Company.

She accepts and then decides to go see Rafe today but can't get a rental car.

Learning about her troubles, Olivia offers to drive Natalia to see her son. At the prison the women quickly notice Rafe's black eye.

Olivia orders him to tell his mother the truth about what happened. Remy returns the car keys to his mother, admitting he "borrowed" them.

Natalia meets with Vince Russo about her son's case at the Towers and offers to do some office work to pay part of his fees.

Vince assures her he has other ideas on how she can repay him.

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Guiding Light
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