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Billy asks Father Ray if he can marry him and Vanessa this afternoon. Not aware they' just tried to "make a baby," Billy interrupts Bill and Lizzie to invite them to his wedding.

He explains that Vanessa hasn't said "yes" yet so it's a surprise wedding.

Having locked her keys in her car while out grocery shopping, Reva calls Josh for help while he has breakfast with Olivia.

As he works a wire hangar into the car, Josh discovers that his own car remote opens her door. Reva has a water problem with her kitchen sink again and vows not to call Josh.

Leaving a message for one plumber, Reva calls Blake for help who gives her the number for her plumber. Writing a check for the work done, Reva realizes that it's almost her anniversary.

After Josh warns Billy about surprising Vanessa this way, Lizzie hints to Billy that she also agrees that this may not be the best time to "surprise" Vanessa.

Bill returns to Towers and advises Billy and Lizzie that Vanessa couldn't come to the Towers because she's overwhelmed with work.

Bill returns to the station and forces his mother to come with him.

She's not happy to be surprised by Billy and tells him she wants him to propose to her and get her input in planning their nuptials.

Natalia returns to town and quickly runs to see Ray in church.

Thanking him for sending her to St. Anne's, Natalia boasts that she now knows what she wants. She finds Olivia having fun with Emma in the park and calls out to her.

When Olivia asks why she left and what she had to figure out, Natalia reveals that she's pregnant.

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