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Going through old pictures, Lizzie remembers Sarah. She calls Reva to see if she knows where Jonathan and her daughter are. Reva denies it.

Lizzie approaches Frank for help finding her daughter. Josh is frustrated when he plays back his voicemails and hears yet another cry for help from Reva.

He hurries to her place where she intercepts him outside and boasts that her water problem has been fixed by a plumber.

Josh offers to go check on the work but Reva won't let him.

Hearing Natalia's pregnant, Olivia asks why she ran instead of telling her. Boasting that she's very excited about being pregnant, Natalia admits she left town to figure out what she wants.

Emma interrupts so Natalia tells her about her baby. Olivia pulls her daughter away and ends up at Company where she asks Daisy to watch her daughter.

After Matt notices she's pregnant, Natalia admits that Frank is the father but adds that she hasn't told him yet. Matt boasts to Josh that he's signed up with Frank and Rick for an online dating service.

Frank decides not to use the service. Natalia finds Olivia and confesses that she wants to be with her for the rest of their lives.

Olivia runs back to the Beacon where she barges into Josh's room and tells him she wants sex. When Jeffrey explains that they need to produce something to trick Edmund into thinking it's Sarah, Jonathan finds a doll.

The ploy works but amidst many gunshots, Edmund escapes via another car which hits Jeffrey as he tries to give chase on foot.

The two hop into the van where Jeffrey warns that Edmund now knows they're working together. He also sees that Jonathan was shot.

They listen to a tape Edmund left and hear him order Jeffrey not to tell Reva he's alive or else he'll take Colin, Sarah and Henry. Jeffrey orders Jonathan to go back to Springfield to secretly check on Reva and the baby.

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