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Shayne helps Josh set up the memorial service. Hawk advises them and Rafe to have tissues ready for Reva. Remy warns Mel not to talk with Ava about Max.

When Ava arrives, Reva greets her and introduces her to her brother Colin.

Reva advises Olivia to take care of Ava because that's what Jeffrey would have wanted. Remy embraces Ava who assures him that she is okay.

Boasting that she likes San Francisco, Ava tells Remy that Springfield never felt like home to her. Still at home, Mallet suggests to Marina that it might be a bad idea for a murderer to attend today's memorial service.

She insists that she did not kill anyone and denies being responsible for "the sadness of this day." Dinah advises Matt that she will not be at the service because it's her fault that Jeffrey is dead.

Matt disagrees and urges her to be there for Shayne's sake.

He then takes her by the hand to the park where everyone is gathered. Doris begins the ceremony by talking about Jeffrey keeping secrets.

Reminding them that Reva asked them to bring an item related to Jeffrey, Doris invites everyone to place the items in a box up front. Afterwards, Doris hands Reva a Medal of Valor, awarded today in Jeffrey's honor.

Reva ends the service by raging at Jeffrey for being able to say goodbye to her while she couldn't. She pushes over the photo of Jeffrey and runs off. Billy finds her in the church but she sends him away because she only wants Jeffrey.

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