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Lillian tells Phillip he needs to give everyone a chance to say goodbye to him. Dinah suggests to Matt that if she had come clean, Jeffrey wouldn't have died.

Matt points out the fault in her logic and reminds her she was protecting a child. Later, on the roof of the hospital, Shayne is thrilled when Dinah agrees to marry him.

Billy finds Reva raging inside the church, complaining how Jeffrey died and left her alone with their baby.

Later, after she sends Billy away, Reva imagines hearing Jeffrey's voice and collapses outside her house. Phillip finds her on the ground, still complaining about her husband.

Ava advises Remy that she's going back to San Francisco tomorrow and both remember that next week would be the anniversary of their son's death.

They agree that it's good they can talk about Max and she agrees to visit with him before she leaves. Later, Olivia pulls Ava aside and announces that it's been a very tough year for her.

She confesses that she fell in love with Natalia but that she ran away. Pushed by Frank to go to his wife, Mallet approaches Marina but she runs off.

Mallet catches up to her and tries to comfort her by suggesting how hard it is to hide what she's done. She responds that she's not crying because she killed someone.

Marina points out how they are losing everything because of what he thinks. Mallet announces that they are going home to deal with this.

Frank talks to Buzz about Coop's desire to write about his family. Hugging his guitar, Reva whispers a question, asking Jeffrey what he was thinking.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey is revealed to be alive, in the woods with a leg injury. Olivia prays to Gus to help Natalia come back to her.

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