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Olivia asks Emma's sitter to be prepared for a long "visit." She then heads out to find Natalia, calling her first and leaving a message.

Not finding her at the farmhouse, Olivia next goes to the station house to report her missing.

Questioning her, Frank wonders to Olivia if Natalia got "cold feet."

He explains he can't file a report yet but does agree to tell his staff to keep a look out. Olivia next chats with Father Ray who admits that Natalia asked him not to say anything to her.

He does admit that he suggested she attend a retreat and now can't be reached. Planning a night out for the groom, Billy invites Phillip and Josh asks him to invite the others Spauldings.

Billy starts to call the mansion but then decides there should be no other Spauldings in attendance.

Phillip tells James and Alan about the impromptu party.

Alan refuses to go but Philip insists that James come with him. Beth brings Lizzie to Company where Ashlee, Alexandra, Vanessa, and Lillian surprise her with a party.

Bill's party takes place at Farley's where even Alan shows up. Josh offers to go find James when he fails to show. Admitting she doesn't think she can drive, Olivia calls Phillip for help.

As he comes to her rescue, Olivia confesses that Natalia left her.

James arrives at Farley's but when he hears Bill call him a child, he punches the groom.

Billy argues with Alan and ends up punching him.

Later, Alan warns Lizzie that he will not be at the wedding, watching her make the biggest mistake of her life.

After learning she still hasn't heard from Dinah or Jeffrey, Reva assures Shayne that they will find Edmund.

Reva gets a call from Jeffrey who warns her he doesn't have much time.

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