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Phillip boasts that he got Bill and Lizzie out of town. He then advises James and Beth to act and end the financial mess.

Not pleased by his attitude, Beth reminds him that they are trying to help. He denies that he meant to hurt his sister or anyone else.

Claiming Beth helped him with the legal end of things, Phillip reveals that the money will be wired today which will end his troubles and keep James out of prison.

Daisy interrupts them and is pleased when James explains how his father has helped him. She shows off the sketch James did.

Phillip is troubled by a call that the loan to China did not go through as expected. Alan overhears and smugly offers his help.

Agreeing to go out to dinner to celebrate, Dinah congratulates Shayne on telling Marina the truth. He claims they can move on with their lives but she's concerned that Marina has decided not to tell Mallet.

Shayne's bothered to hear she met Mallet earlier.

He notices the package of baby things she bought earlier but Dinah insists it's proof that she will support him no matter what he decides about his son.

As she considers telling her husband the shocking news about Shayne and Henry, Dr. Tompkins informs a relieved Marina and Mallet that the transfusion was a success and Henry will be fine.

At Company later, Marina tells Shayne and Dinah that Henry will be fine after the transfusion.

However, Marina warns Shayne that Mallet will always be her son's father. The two then join Dinah and Mallet for a toast to Henry's health.

After sex in their Chicago hotel room, Bill takes Lizzie out for hot dogs and surprises her with an engagement ring in hers.

A stranger punches Bill after hearing he's Bill Lewis. Though he decides not to press charges, Bill is confronted by a man about securities fraud.

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