Donna is working on the couch watching Bob who teaches you how to paint on PBS when the phone rings. It's Joanie. She has news about a German guy named Otto. He took her somewhere, and she's sharing a story about a Buddah and how it was transformative leading her to dad. She's teary and Donna thinks the story is beautiful, especially when Joanie suggests the reason she and Donna fight all the time is because they're so similar.

Joe is closing down Comet saying goodbye to his employees with hugs, recalling conversations with Gordon. In particular, when Gordon said he liked this place and Joe replied, I know it doesn't feel like it now, but it's just the start of something.

Joe goes to a palm reader. The first thing she does is rub some sauce from her sandwich on his large palm. He's not impressed. He tells Denise he doesn't want softballs. He's there to talk Destiny. When her kid comes in to talk nachos, he almost leaves, but she wants to give him his card reading.

She's straight up about his future of destruction but points out the golden horizon behind it. He buys a pack, almost gets run over in the road and runs into an old friend who says not only did most of his peers really come to trust his finger in the wind, but he can't wait to see what he does next.

Donna swims a lot. She enters work with a smile. Her company, Symphonic Ventures, has a logo that looks a lot like many others we've come to know, four recognizable colors. The workplace is fun and inventive. She begins working in jeans, delivering lunches to her groups.

Alexa isn't enjoying Cameron's company on an overseas trip. She gets home and has a chat with Bos, who gives her the pep talk she needs to move on.

Cameron is shocked to discover Joe is gone. Donna got a call from Joe and Haley received a letter. Donna is getting ready for a party and feels out of sorts. They never got to hang out and reconnect on a greater level after they made up.

Haley pops in with her boyfriend. She's attempting to fit in. When she screams from her room, Donna and Cameron head in to rescue her.

When Haley comes home, she decides to summarize Joe's letter for Cameron since Cam said she loved him. When Cam sees Joe went home to the town where IBM is, she decides it's time to get on the road.

Donna gives a beautiful speech to all of the women at her party. Before leaving, Cameron makes a wrong turn and falls into the pool.

They talk about being friends, and after discussing the possibility Haley is gay, Cameron takes Donna to Comet's offices.

They imagine what could have been if they'd gone into business together with a company called Phoenix, but eventually go to breakfast and say goodbye. That is, until Donna is paying her bill at the diner. She has an idea.

Joe is out of the world he thought he loved so much. Instead, he's teaching Humanities. His office is filled with photos and relics of everything he's ever loved. He addresses his class with, "Let me start by asking a question."

Halt and Catch Fire
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Halt and Catch Fire Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

I get a little lightheaded sometimes if I shit real big.


There's one more person I want to mention. A huge part of the soul of this place is no longer here. Comet began with Haley Clark. Comet began back in 1983. And I told him, computers aren't the thing. They're the thing that gets us to the thing. And this is...