How did we all get here today? We walked through this door.


Cameron: Donna! I can't work with you.
Donna: What?
Cameron: I can't work with you. It will never be like it was. It can't be.

American Online. What kind of name is that anyway? It sounds like a Neil Diamond song. 'We're comin' to America...Online!'


Cameron: I'm so sick of hearing about the future. What is that? The future is just another crappy version of the present. It's this bribe that people offer you to make you do what they want instead of what you want.
Joe: This future can be different.

Donna: We both did things we're not proud of and if we could turn back the clock I'm sure we'd do it differently. What? Are you going to tell me you've moved on?
Cameron: No. I think about you everyday and it makes me furious.
Donna: So let's fix it. I want to fix it.
Cameron: I don't.

I already told her she has to listen to you. She just put you on the phone because she thought we'd fight and she'd come out on top.


Joe: This isn't about Ryan. It's um...
Cameron: I'm just saying, I don't think you should keep the world from what you do.
Joe: OK. What is it that I do?
Cameron: It's so hard to bring about actual change, real change. And the whole world conspires to stop that from happening. But you bring people together. You create change. I think that that's really great.

Cameron: Working with you was the most fun I ever had in my life. OK?
Donna: Oh Cam. I picked up the phone so many times.
Cameron: You never actually called though, did ya?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Guys, the last thing we need to do right now is hop into the car and race out to the parking lot of an empty stadium before rock n roll is even invented. He guys. We are early. And I'm not talking 'let's all run down to the IHop and grab some silver pancakes' early.


It was difficult for a very long time, but I'm doing so much better since I reconnected with your wife.


Cameron: The thing is, Donna, I love this project, and I want to work on it.
Donna: Take it. Take it!

Cam: Are you going to turn him in?
Joe: No. I'm worried about him. He's running out of options.

Halt and Catch Fire Quotes

I, Ryan Ray, released the MacMillan source code. I acted alone and nobody told me to do it. I did this because security is a myth. Contrary to what you might have heard, my friend, you are not safe. Safety is a story, it's something we teach our kids so they can sleep at night, but we know it's not real. Beware baffled humans, beware false prophets who will sell you a fake future of bad teachers, corrupt leaders and dirty corporations. Beware of cops and robbers, the kinds that rob your dreams. But most of all, beware of each other. The world is going to crack wide open. There is something on the horizon. A massive connectivity. The barriers between us will disappear, and we're not ready. We'll hurt each other in new ways, we'll sell and be sold, we'll share our most tender selves only to be mocked and destroyed. We'll be so vulnerable, and we'll pay the price. We won't be able to pretend that we can protect ourselves anymore. It's a huge danger, a gigantic risk, but it's worth it, if only we can learn to take care of each other, then this awesome new connection won't isolate us. It won't leave us in the end so totally alone.


Computers aren't the thing. They're the thing that gets us to the thing.