Cameron: Hey. What if we worked together again.
Donna: Uh. Do you have an idea?
Cameron: No. The idea can come later. That's not what's important.

Let me start by asking a question.


Cameron: What the hell is this Yahoo?
Joe: Two guys from Stanford. Used to be called Jerry and David's Guide to the World Wide Web.
Cameron: This sucks. The design's terrible, there's no image support. They're...
Joe: ...on the toolbar. They're on the toolbar. That's it. They've won. They're the directory to the web. We don't exist.

Joe: The thing that gets you to the thing.
Cameron: Huh?
Joe: It was you. It was always you.

Joe likes the dishes done in a particular way, so I just don't do them anymore.


Donna: You know sometimes I think maybe...
Cameron: Haley's gay?
Donna: Yeah.
Cameron: Yeah.
Donna: You know, these girls are...amazing.

I get a little lightheaded sometimes if I shit real big.


Haley: You know, you're here all day. Swimming.
Donna: Well, I like swimming.
Haley: Yeah, well I like swimming, too. But Jesus Christ. [they giggle]

There's one more person I want to mention. A huge part of the soul of this place is no longer here. Comet began with Haley Clark. Comet began back in 1983. And I told him, computers aren't the thing. They're the thing that gets us to the thing. And this is...


Cameron: I wanted it to work. I wanted us to work.
Joe: Yeah? Me too.
Cameron: And it did. For a while.
Joe: For a while.

Cameron: What is that sound?
Joe: It's Gordon's wristwatch. It would go off when he needed to take his medication. I don't know where the key to his office is.

Donna: Can you believe there was a time you got so excited about pumpkins?
Joanie: I still get excited about pumpkins. Pumpkins blow my mind.