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Will imagines himself in the corpse of the stag. Will and Hannibal share another meal together, and Will mentions that he was euphoric when he killed Freddie Lounds. Hannibal asks if his heart raced when he murdered her, Will says no, and Hannibal says that's a good sign.  A burning corpse is sent in a wheelchair underneath in a parking garage, and ends at "F. Lounds" parking spot. The FBI confirms that the body is Freddie's. 

Margot tells Hannibal and Will that she is indeed pregnant with Will's child. She tells him he can have as much or as little to do with the baby as he wants. Mason befriends a young foster boy and tells him his foster family doesn't want him anymore. 

Alana comes to visit Will because she worries he killed Freddie. He tells her no one believed him when he said Hannibal was a killer, and no one will believe her if she says he is a killer. Alana tells Will she thinks he's a bad influence on him, and Will says if Hannibal is good enough for her then he's good enough for him. Will tells her she should be afraid, and gives her a gun so she can be safe. 

Mason goes to Hannibal for some therapy. Mason says his father could look at a man and know his weakness instantly, and mentions that Margot has to love him otherwise she's destitute. Meanwhile, Will and Alana go to Freddie's funeral. They argue profiles about killers who like to revisit their victim's after death by going to grave sites. Will mentions that his therapist said it would therapeutic. 

Alana continues to wonder if she really knows Hannibal, and she talks to Jack about Will. She says Jack is going to lose, so Jack asks her to come with him. He brings her to an office with Freddie Lounds in it. 

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Hannibal Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

I haven't been gorged, drowned, plucked, and roasted, not yet.


How was my funeral?