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Will dreams of a Hannibal-cloaked stag jump through his home's window. He drops his gun and fights the stag off with his bare hands. Punching Hannibal to death. The vision dissipates to Will killing Hannibal's protégé.  As Hannibal cleans Will's hands of the blood, he tells Will not to go inside but to stay with him. Hannibal questions Will about Randal, if Will fantasized about killing him. Hannibal wonders how Will is going to repay Randal, and Jack is shown in the museum as pieces of Randal's body are mounted on the skeleton display he was working on. 

Will meets with Freddie Lounds about the ripper case. She wonders how Chilton can be the ripper when he didn't have the skills required to do so. Will tells her she will never let the story go especially not with Abigal Hobbs' death. Hannibal meets with Margot and they chat about her failed murder of her brother. Back at home, Margot runs into her brother, Mason. Mason frightens her, and feeds pigs meet in the form of a corpse to prep them for the real thing. 

Alana and Hannibal talk, and Margot meets with Will again. Margot and Will have sex as do Hannibal and Alana.  Freddie meets with Alana, and Freddie continues to push Will's theory - that if you can't beat Hannibal Lecter, join him. Hannibal meets with Mason; Alana and Will join Hannibal for dinner.  

Freddie breaks into Will's farmhouse and finds a human jaw amongst his freezer. He finds her and attempts tell her something, but she tries to shoot him to escape. She calls Jack, but Will finds her and drags her out of her car. Will is called into Jack's office about the disappearance but nothing more is said.

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